About Us

Company Overview

Engineered Performance™ Ducting is a leading manufacturer of flexible reinforced ducting for environmental and temperature control.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facility produces industrial textiles, fabrics, and flexible ventilation products. We maintain quality control through each process and utilize the ISO 9001 quality assurance program to consistently meet high-strength standards.

Our products are recommended for conditions common in industrial, utility, marine, military, mining, oil & gas and aviation applications. Our company has been in business for over 40 years and has reference projects in over 35 countries.

We have the experience, quality, solutions and reliable products to meet your industrial flexible ventilation requirements.


Our Mission

“To continuously strive to understand our customers needs, fully meet their expectations and earn their respect as a leading supplier and innovator of quality industrial ventilation products, sensitive to the needs of our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and our community.”

Commitment to Customers

At Engineered Performance™ Ducting, we believe our first commitment is to our customer. To our customers this means quality is an integral part of everything we do, from the systematic inspection and testing of raw materials to the consistent high quality of our products, technical services and, most importantly, honest, effective communication and continued learning and improvement.

Commitment to Quality

Our management and employees are committed to designing, manufacturing and delivering quality products that fully meet our customer’s expectations. Our goal is total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through achievement of established quality objectives and plans.

Commitment to Management

Our management strongly supports and is fully committed to our ISO Quality Program. Our commitment to quality is an integral part of our company’s development, thereby ensuring long term growth, increased competitiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Employees

To our employees, this means a genuine commitment to fully comply with all Quality requirements and full acceptance, participation and involvement in our Quality Assurance System. We each have a responsibility to ourselves, to the company and to our customers, to ensure that our products and services always meet or exceed defined Quality standards.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Engineered Performance™ Ducting strives to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations through fostering a culture of continuous improvement; achieving excellence through the implementation of ISO 9001, and by cultivating co-operation and respect among employees, customers and suppliers.


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